Penetration Testing Services

penetration testing services

Penetration Testing Services

We offer a full suite of penetration testing services that mimic real world attackers, going further and revealing more than vulnerability scanners. The network perimeter is expanding with cloud computing and remote offices increasing the attack surface for many organizations. Let us know your concerns and we can customize a penetration test for your organization. Upon completion we’ll provide you with a full report, executive summary and improvements to help reduce your risk. Our goal is to give you actionable 3rd party insight into your organizations security posture. 

Types of Penetration Testing

External Testing

External Testing

An external penetration test checks your network perimeter Internet facing devices and goes beyond Passed/Failed vulnerability scanners. We will perform Open-Source Reconnaissance, a Full Port Scan, a Full Vulnerability Scan and use Manual and Automated Exploits to simulate a real-world hacking attempt. This is the best way to check your network security controls.
Internal Testing

Internal Testing

An internal penetration test runs many of the same checks that and external test does but from inside your network. We’ll perform Network Discovery, Network Enumeration, Target Determination, then Manual and Automated attacks to exploit. An internal penetration test simulates an attacker that has a foothold in your network.
Wi-fi Testing

Wi-Fi Testing

A wireless penetration test is used to determine if your wireless network is using industry security standards. We will perform Information Gathering, Vulnerability Analysis and follow with an Exploitation attempt. From here we test Network Segmentation and if you have a Wireless Portal, we validate it is secure.
Cloud Penetration Testing

Cloud Testing

The goal of a cloud penetration test is to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities with applications and services your organization has in the cloud. We test for Insecure API’s, Misconfigurations, Outdated Software and perform Reconnaissance to find leaked and published credentials.
Automated Penetration Testing

Automated Testing

Infrastructure and Software changes occur regularly, new vulnerabilities are found daily, while manual penetration tests are usually performed annually. It’s important to have weekly scans run on your internet facing edge devices. We offer weekly vulnerability scans that come as an emailed report listing open ports, vulnerabilities found and historical graphs.

Bokeh Solutions offers customizableExternalInternalWirelessCloudAutomated Penetration Testing Services

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